Free Pick NBA Total; Regression to Mean Betting Formula

Tough not to be a little superstitious as a bizarre 2020 has given way to a return to normalcy. Grandmaster Joe Duffy is 22-8 this calendar year in NBA off a 3-0 sweep last night. We are 29-16 overall.

Eleven NBA winners led by four Wise Guys including NBA Central Total of the Year. Never, ever jump off the bandwagon of the greatest capper in history. Why do you think I’ve been a full-time handicapper since 1988?

Free pick: 

New Orleans-Oklahoma City OVER 212

New Orleans has gone under 5-2, going under by an average of 13.6 points per game, making them the No. 2 under team in the NBA. Oklahoma City has gone under 4-2 by 5.5 points per game. So bet under, right? Well Joeybagofdonuts will if he sees those stats. Two cumulative under teams go over 763-552-25. Regression to the mean wins with sides and totals and with low total is the case here. I bet at Bovada

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