Dodgers Heavy Favorites Over Braves; Also Favorite to Win World Series

With the NLCS set, oddsmakers were quick to post a line for the series, and they’ve made the Dodgers sizable favorites against Atlanta.

The initial series line from SportsBetting set L.A. as a 1:2 favorite.

NLCS Odds –

Atlanta Braves    +160    (8-5)
Los Angeles Dodgers    -200    (1-2)

In a hypothetical ALCS matchup, the Yankees would be -180 favorites over the Astros (+160). In the other scenario, the Rays would be -155 favorites over the Astros (+135).

The Dodgers started the MLB postseason as World Series favorites, and after sweeping San Diego, nothing has changed.

World Series Odds (will update after tonight’s game)

Los Angeles Dodgers     +175     (7-4)
New York Yankees     +375     (15-4)
Atlanta Braves     +400     (4-1) 
Tampa Bay Rays     +500     (5-1)
Houston Astros     +500     (5-1)

SportsBetting is also offering odds on the exact World Series matchup and outcome. The numbers suggest that the Dodgers will defeat the Yankees, or vice versa, in what would be a dream matchup for the league.

Exact World Series Outcome
Dodgers defeat Yankees     +550     (11-2)
Yankees defeat Dodgers     +550     (11-2)
Dodgers defeat Astros     +700     (7-1)
Dodgers defeat Rays     +700     (7-1)
Rays defeat Dodgers     +700     (7-1)
Astros defeat Dodgers     +750     (15-2)
Yankees defeat Braves     +1100     (11-1)
Braves defeat Yankees     +1100     (11-1)
Braves defeat Astros     +1400     (14-1)
Braves defeat Rays     +1400     (14-1)
Astros defeat Braves     +1400     (14-1)
Rays defeat Braves     +1400     (14-1)

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