Sports Betting in the New Normal: Does Home Field/Home Court Advantage Still Exist

Post-Covid betting. HCA and HFA discussed. Indubitably, the definitive gambling issue is how will this affect many of our systems that are site explicit? On one hand, would could argue the absence of fans reduces HFA (home field advantage). Conversely, the unprecedented world situation should make the comfort of home, security of sleeping in one’s own bed, that much more considerable.
My educated opinion is there won’t be a big change in HFA. Most likely, there will be gross overreaction. Sites like Covers and Action Network will tell us statistically irrelevant minutia like the road team has covered seven of the first 10 games. Heck, on Twitter, I might too. I often like the I report, you decide method on my sports handicapping podcasts.
The citizenry is sure to pursue fool’s gold and ride early patterns. We will stay on course. Fortunately, our famed “math totals,” innovative principles that cross sports, are not site specific.

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