March Madness 2009 Betting Prediction: Best Ever Year For Sharps, Worst For Squares

The 2008-09 football season
produced the widest gap ever between the sharp player and square player in
sports betting history. All key indicators are that the Information Age will
likely produce the same disparity in 2009 March Madness betting. However, it’s
never been easier to choose to be on the elite side.

As previously discussed, the schism between those who win
in sports betting and those who lose has never
been wider
. The quality of accurate information is widely available to the sportsbooks and gambler alike.

Most point spread players do not have the time or
resources to exploit such Intel. The always improving and innovating
OffshoreInsiders Network has streamlined and modernized everything a sharp
gambler needs.
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Also the same databases that the pro bettors use in their
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The best free picks for both the conference tournaments
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The sports betting blog
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The newest entrant to the powerful nexus is This has the best “ezine” articles and many more will be added focusing on
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Stevie Vincent, GM of the OffshoreInsiders Network says,
“Gamblers can opt to be winners or they can opt to keep the sportsbooks open for those of us who
are. It’s simply a matter of making the right choice.”

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