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Conference play means you must be a daily client of The MasterLockLine is the power of 620 sports services behind every
selection. We trace our roots back to the days of the 976-LOCK “dial it”
numbers as well as Dixie Sports, the original elite 800-number consensus

We not only focus on
the two best basketball cappers bar none, Bill Tanner and Castlegate,
college conference play is where regional and conference specialists rise to
the top: Leo Getz (Big East and A-10), Vic “Buddy” Pirnick
(MAC), Tanner (Big 10), Mardukas (SEC), Mark the
Shark (Pac-10, Mountain West, WAC).

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We are part of the handicapping
network. Have you checked out the super popular
Gambling News
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industry news.

We also hand pick (no news aggregator) the best articles
and game previews from the standpoint of the sports bettor with Sports Betting
taken from hometown newspapers and the team’s own websites.

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Chalk Gaming NBA
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