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April 23, 2020

Last Minute NFL Draft Betting Props and More

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Football fans are having a good week. 

The NFL Draft is tonight, Rob Gronkowski un-retired and Tom Brady is going to tee it up with Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. 

Details of the Champions for Charity golf match that will be televised live on TNT next month have yet to be released, but that hasn’t stopped oddsmakers at SportsBetting from creating some very fun and unique prop bets for the event.

Do you think Tiger and Peyton will say “deflate” to get under Brady’s skin with a little trash talk? The odds say there’s a chance. Or how about an “audible” or “Omaha” on the course? Will there be a hole-in-one?

Woods and Manning are decent favorites in the match odds. Manning is favored to record the most birdies, and find the fairway on the first hole.

Current odds:

The Match: Champions for Charity winner

Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning -200

Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady +160

Which logo will be on front of Tom Brady’s hat?

TB12 -400

Buccaneers +250

Will “Gronk” be said by any player?

Yes -300

No +200

Will “audible” be said by any player?

Yes -120

No -120

Will “Omaha” be said by any player?

Yes +175

No -250

Will “deflate” be said by any player?

Yes -200

No +150

Will any player spike a football?

Yes +150

No -200

Will any player spike a golf ball?

Yes -150

No +110

Will a Lombardi Trophy be seen during broadcast?

Yes -800

No +450

First player to have football highlight shown

Peyton Manning -130

Tom Brady -110

Total commercials Peyton Manning is in during broadcast

Over 1.5

Under 1.5

Which player will have the most birdies? 

Peyton Manning -175

Tom Brady +135

Which player will have the most bogeys or worse? (Must finish par stroke to count. Manager’s decision.)

Peyton Manning +120

Tom Brady -160

Will Peyton Manning record an FIR on Hole No. 1?

Yes -150

No +110

Will Tom Brady record an FIR on Hole No. 1?

Yes -120

No -120

Will Peyton Manning record a GIR on Hole No. 1?

Yes +110

No -150

Will Tom Brady record a GIR on Hole No. 1?

Yes +150

No -200

Will there be a hole-in-one?

Yes +950

No -3500

Will Donald Trump attend?

Yes +800

No -1500

Bucs’ odds drop after Gronk trade

The Buccaneers are beginning to feel like the Browns of last offseason. Every football fan was buying into the hype, and Cleveland became one of the most bet on teams to win the Super Bowl. 

The Bucs are now one of the top three favorites on the Super Bowl LV odds board. Here are the five teams with the best odds:

Chiefs 13/2

Ravens 7/1

49ers 12/1

Buccaneers 12/1

Saints 14/1

However, a representative from the sportsbook suggests that the Gronkowski trade didn’t really impact the odds for anything other than public perception. 

“Bettors react to big news and Gronk coming out of retirement to reunite with his quarterback is big news,” Robert Cooper, odds manager at, said. “We have to move the odds because we anticipate additional action from bettors, but in terms of the algorithms and power rankings we use to formulate the numbers Gronk doesn’t move the needle.”

All at SportsBetting

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