The Last Dance Betting Props; Michael Jordan Documentary ESPN

The sports world has been teased about the Michael Jordan documentary for months, and we finally get our first look this weekend.

‘The Last Dance’ will air on ESPN at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, and some bookies are offering up ways to wager while you watch (you know, since there aren’t any actual sports to bet on at the moment.) Jordan should probably approve.

SportsBetting has created a dozen prop bets for first of two episodes set to air Sunday. All props except the last one are for Episode 1 (the first hour) only. 

Here there are, along with some unrequested commentary some of you might enjoy (for those that don’t, sorry).

Will “The Last Dance” documentary win an Emmy Award in 2020?

Yes +300

No -500

(Ouch. No love from the early voters.)

Will Michael Jordan cry?

Yes -120

No -120

(There’s an MJ teary-eyed meme waiting to happen)

Will LeBron James be seen? 

Yes -120

No -120

(Will the GOAT be interviewed in the other GOAT’S feature doc?)

Will Kobe Bryant be seen?

Yes -300

No +200

(Have to imagine the producers feature him early after January’s tragedy)

Will “gambling” be said?

Yes -200

No +150

(We know Jordan skipped White House visit to golf and gamble, but when will that story be told?)

Will “Space Jam” be said or clip shown?

Yes -120

No -120

(Come on…we could all use some Wayne Knight on Sunday night.)

Will “Sirius” song be heard?

Yes -500

No +300

(This feels like the lock of the century, take out the mortgage.)

When will Air Jordan logo be seen?

Before 10 minutes (+150)

After 10 minutes (-200)

(Tough one…will Disney/ESPN try to hide their non-products?)

Will Jordan’s game-winning national championship shot be shown?

Yes -300

No +200

(Patrick Ewing here we come.)

Will impeachment trial of Bill Clinton be shown or mentioned? 

Yes -140

No +100

(Significant event in October 1998, the setting of Episode 1.)

Will Yankees World Series Championship be shown or mentioned? 

Yes +100

No -140

(See above. And (un)fortunately, they left off Britney Spears’ debut single “…Baby One More Time.”)

Will Barack Obama tweet about the documentary?

Yes +200

No -300

(He’s in it at some point, but probably more important matters to tend to this week.)

First person to be shown? 

Phil Jackson +300

Scottie Pippen +350

Kobe Bryant +400

Magic Johnson +500

Dennis Rodman +500

Deloris Jordan +800

Barack Obama +1000

Steve Kerr +1000

Bob Costas +1200

Charles Barkley +1400

Justin Timberlake +1400

Jerry Seinfeld +2000

Pat Riley +2000

Adam Silver +2500

(We all assume MJ will be the first person shown, so who’s next?) will hopefully resume being the top place for sports picks very soon. Get vetted sportsbooks and more. Check out the best dad jokes YouTube channel Hey Abby D. 

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