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Oregon vs. Oregon State Expert Betting Picks

Keep checking back as more winners are coming, but here is Oregon vs. Oregon State offshore insider and Vegas expert Joe Duffy of OffshoreInsiders.com

Recently the lines have been softest in basketball as Joe Duffy’s Picks is 9-4 in hoops, 6-2 in college basketball. During another successful and winning MLB season, we finally exorcised our extra innings demon. The past month dramatic comebacks have added to the gray hair, but we measure success by the season and decade and nobody wins more. Seven college football winners (latest added late Friday night) college football winners are up led by three Wise Guys. You have a college basketball winner as well at OffshoreInsiders.com

Yes Jason Jordan is all over the radio, Right Angle Sports is as respected as the OffshoreInsiders.com handicappers, but where do pro gamblers like Billy Walters turn for info?