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SBG Global and Radio Tout Sebastian Stiff Clients

We’ve been sent some emails about a radio tout named Sebastian.
What we know is he got on a hot streak after sending clients to scam sportsbook
SBG Global.

He wasn’t supposed to win, but he got lucky and all of a
sudden the clients he sent started winning. Now, the notorious sportsbook is
refusing to play clients.

This is why OffshoreInsiders.com
and JoeDuffy.net totally vet
all sportsbooks and will refer you
only to the best ones. We took
Sportsbook.com off our site many months ago and just recently a major site said
they were removing them as a sponsor.

Again, we are months ahead of the curve. SBG Global got in bed with a 50 percent capper with a
following thanks to a radio show. His was supposed to lose—and the public has
been. But everyone he sent was betting his plays, now an estimated 10 clients
are out in the cold for a combined $200,000.

Stick with our heavily researched sportsbooks at OffshoreInsiders.com
and JoeDuffy.net