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Sunday, May 04, 2008, PLAINVIEW, NY–MasterLockLine.com has its roots on a Long Island golf course when several high rollers decided to pool their money to purchase sports service selections of a dozen or so top handicapping firms.  Via word of mouth, the syndicate grew to several dozen members quickly, almost all members betting several thousand dollars per game on a daily basis.

Eventually the Alliance, now MasterLockLine.com decided to go public with the plays as a business venture to subsidize their gaming combine. Why now to the general public offer the same information for $3.63 per day? “First of all, this price is an introductory price.  We know clients will stay with us and while they will still get elite service selections for pennies on the dollar, it won’t be at that price when they renew” founding father Dom Vincenzio stated perhaps too matter-of-factly.

“It’s a business venture,” stated Cy McCormick.  “Our original intentions have been exceeded.  We are all making money on the leisurely end already.  With the quality of sports services offered, we plan on turning a profit purely by reselling the plays as well.”

As members of the syndicate include major players in the computer programming field,

MasterLockLine.com wrote an exclusive program that rates sports services overall and in each individual sport.  Using “z-scores” a mathematical formula that weighs the statistical reliability of data, sports services are rated based mostly on long term return on investment records, but with some consideration given to “who’s hot”.

Data mining was used to determine what percentage will be assigned to weigh various factors. Included is measuring long-term versus short term record, each sport individually versus overall record, and the subcategory of higher rated plays versus “regular” rated plays, etc.

Whether it’s high profile sports services such as Doc’s Enterprises, Jonathan Stone, Bobby Ventura, Wayne Root, Mark Lawrence, Dr. Bob Stohl, the so called Covers Experts, Jim Feist and his family of funds, Wayne Root or the lesser known such as Bill Tanner, Kal Elner and others, the MasterLockLine.com  monitors all of their top service plays, parses them and passes along only the cream of the crop to you.

In 2006, the SuperLockLine, which originated in the 976-LOCK days became MasterLockLine.com.