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Top Ten Sports Handicappers Picks UNLV vs. BYU

They were the staple of the scorephones long before the internet, get the against the spread trends reports which have evolved into a podcast, a far cry from the carbon phone days! Much better than ever in so many ways.

Joe Duffy’s Picks Six college football winners are up for Saturday. Four are Wise Guys led by the SEC Game of the Year and the SEC West Game of the Year in the same day. Yes long-time clients will have a very accurate idea of some of our bets because slumps notwithstanding, we have won substantially more than we have lost with these angles, theories, and systems over the decades. Oh and in addition to the six college football winners, we have two college basketball. We did deep, have trusted sources and make sure the winning streaks will always outnumber and outlast the losing ones at OffshoreInsiders.com

While Jason Jordan and Blowout Picks blare promises out of your radio, get them delivered at OffshoreInsiders.com