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Anthony Davis’s Most Likely Destination Revealed By Betting Odds

With recent news indicating that Anthony Davis will not sign a contract extension with the Pelicans, BetDSI is offering props on the possibility of him being traded and which team will land the coveted All-Star. 

Odds are posted for if he’ll be dealt, which roster he’ll be on post-NBA trade deadline and which team he’ll play for next season.

Current odds at BetDSI

Will Anthony Davis be traded before the February 7 trade deadline (2019)

Yes +120

No -150

Anthony Davis team on February 8, 2019

New Orleans Pelicans -150

Los Angeles Lakers +150

Boston Celtics +200

New York Knicks +400

Philadelphia 76ers +500

Portland Trail Blazers +1000

Toronto Raptors +1500

Houston Rockets +1500

Los Angeles Clippers +2000

Brooklyn Nets +3000

Oklahoma City Thunder +3000

Field (Any Other Team) +500

Anthony Davis team on October 1, 2019

Boston Celtics +150

Los Angeles Lakers +200

New York Knicks +500

New Orleans Pelicans +750

Brooklyn Nets +1000

Philadelphia 76ers +1000

Portland Trail Blazers +1000

Los Angeles Clippers +1500

Houston Rockets +2000

Oklahoma City Thunder +3000

Toronto Raptors +3000

Field (Any Other Team) +500