MLB top Betting Trends For Saturday Crush the Books

Records betting for or against at Bovada MLB betting trends for Saturday, June 18, 2022

💲Julio Urias 0-6 this season, a horrible -12.2 units off a loss

💲Alex Wood 2-11 career -16.1 units to NL teams averaging 3.5 or less runs per game

💲Chris Bassitt 17-1 +16.1 units versus opponent with a winning record 

💲Sandy Alcantara under 15-1 to division last 2 years

💲Oakland 3-26 this season -22.1 units versus starting pitcher giving up 5.5 or fewer hits per start 

💲Yankees 26-3 +21.3 units versus opponent versus opponent committing .6 or fewer errors per game 

💲Texas under 22-6 this season versus opponent with bullpen ERA of 3.45 or better

💲LA Angles over 16-2 last 2 years after batting .175 or worse over previous 3 games

💲Toronto over all 10 home games in June

💲Mets 21-6 +17.7 this season to runline against division

💲Twins 92-132 -48.36 units on runline

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