Best College Basketball Teams to Bet on and Against this Season

Super betting site breaks down the best teams to bet on and against this season in college basketball. 

College basketball margin of cover standings for 2021-22. 

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Maryland Eastern Shore7-29.3
Kennesaw State7-56.7

 Note that Auburn is tied for the best spread mark in the nation at 14-4 but by only 4.4 points per game. They demonstrate why so many sharps balance out record with margin of cover to measure if a team is truly over or underperforming. 

Now the best teams to fade in terms of margin of cover at a vetted sportsbook like Bovada

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Idaho State2-11-8.4
Delaware State3-8-8
Morgan State3-7-7.6
Texas San Antonio5-9-6.9

Margin of cover is a long-time tool of original cappers used to measure the reliability of the often deceptive ATS and OU records. It is much like margin of victory, except it measures margin relative to the point spread or OU. With over-under, “overs” are listed first. Some Johnny-Come-Lately handicappers call this the sweat barometer. 

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