Odds Updated NFL Division Winners, Super Bowl Co-Favorites; Odds if they play in SB56

Two teams are separating themselves from the crowded NFL contender pack, on the field and according to the oddsmakers.

SportsBetting released updated Super Bowl LVI odds Monday morning and the Chiefs and Packers are perched atop the list with 4-1, or +400, odds.

An oddsmaker from the company said that right now Kansas City would be about a 2-point favorite against Green Bay should they meet in the Super Bowl.

The defending champion Bucs are still among the favorites at third, while the Bills, Cowboys and Rams (tied for fifth) round out the Top 5.

Additionally, below you will find updated division odds for the AFC East, AFC North, AFC South and NFC West, as well as the latest conference odds.

Here are current numbers: 

Super Bowl LVI

Green Bay Packers                  4-1

Kansas City Chiefs                   4-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           6-1

Buffalo Bills                             9-1

Dallas Cowboys                       10-1

Los Angeles Rams                   10-1

New England Patriots             14-1

Indianapolis Colts                   16-1

Tennessee Titans                    20-1

Arizona Cardinals                    22-1

Cincinnati Bengals                  28-1

San Francisco 49ers                33-1

Los Angeles Chargers              40-1

Baltimore Ravens                    50-1

Philadelphia Eagles                 70-1

Las Vegas Raiders                   125-1

Cleveland Browns                   150-1

Minnesota Vikings                  150-1

New Orleans Saints                 150-1

Miami Dolphins                      200-1

Pittsburgh Steelers                 200-1

Atlanta Falcons                       750-1

Denver Broncos                      750-1

Washington Football Team                750-1


Kansas City Chiefs                   +175

Buffalo Bills                             +400

New England Patriots             +600

Indianapolis Colts                   +700

Tennessee Titans                    +800

Cincinnati Bengals                  +1400

Los Angeles Chargers              +2000

Baltimore Ravens                    +2500

Las Vegas Raiders                   +4500

Cleveland Browns                   +7500

Miami Dolphins                      +10000

Pittsburgh Steelers                 +10000

Denver Broncos                      +35000


Green Bay Packers                  +200

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           +325

Los Angeles Rams                   +400

Dallas Cowboys                       +450

Arizona Cardinals                    +1100

San Francisco 49ers                +1600

Philadelphia Eagles                 +3300

Minnesota Vikings                  +6600

New Orleans Saints                 +7500

Atlanta Falcons                       +35000

Washington Football Team    +35000

AFC East

Buffalo Bills                             -700

New England Patriots             +400

Miami Dolphins                      +10000

(Odds imply an 87.5% probability Bills take division)

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals                  -270

Baltimore Ravens                    +600

Cleveland Browns                   +600

Pittsburgh Steelers                 +1250

(Odds imply a 73.0% probability Bengals take division)

AFC South

Tennessee Titans                    -1600

Indianapolis Colts                   +800

(Odds imply a 94.1% probability Titans take division)

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams                   -325

Arizona Cardinals                    +250

(Odds imply a 76.5% probability Rams take division)

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