College Football free Winner for week 6

It ain’t bragging if it’s true! I am 32-15 in football off another complete sweep of named plays. I am simply so far and away the top football handicapper in the world, almost no pro bettors will bet without my wisdom. NFL and college football winners for Thursday. Friday, get a college football total. Saturday, AAC Total of the Year and Big 10 Cross-Divisional Total of the Year among three Wise Guy among 11 football winners. Sunday, the Mr. NFL responds with five NFL Wise Guys and three Majors. Get the picks now 

AKRON +14.5 Bowling Green

College football handicapping is arguably the sport slightly different than some of the other US ATS sports. Most of my best systems would fall under the umbrella of counterintuitive, but this is one of several in college football that are more intuitive. Basically it says to take big points in games the oddsmakers tell us points will be tough to come by. 

Big road underdogs in games expected to be low-scoring are 479-352. Power ratings have this a 9.8 point game, thus at 3.8 percent edge. My top simulator has Akron covering 62 percent of the time. 

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