Sports Betting Trends and Free pick

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NBA free winner…

WASHINGTON -12 Oklahoma City

Large favorites have become very good bets since 2016. Under specific situations that apply in this game they are 256-149-9. The number one reason is because with all the rules favoring tempo, the advantage is higher than ever for faster and more athletic teams. 

NBA trends

  • Phoenix 45-22 ats 
  • Oklahoma City 35-16 on road
  • Denver over 48-28-1 as favorites
  • San Antonio under 33-15 to East


  • Tampa 42-20 if total is between 6.5-8.5
  • Kansas City under 19-4 to AL with total between 6.5-8.5

Biggest public consensus in term of percentage of bets: Detroit (70), Golden State (60)

Most lopsided bets in term of percentage of money and biggest sportsbook liabilities: Boston (94), Utah (93)

Sharp versus square metrics AKA pros versus Joes: Boston, Cleveland, Utah 

Biggest line moves with opening odds followed by current odds: Detroit -1.5 to +3, Denver -4.5 to -7.5, Philadelphia -7.5 to -10

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