Free NBA Totals bet

Off yet another winning performance, Joe Duffy’s Picks is 27-14. Hop on the massive sale on 100-day pick pack. Five NBA winners led by a Wise Guy. I told you last week this was the early stages of an all-time great run. This a golden era for pro bettors as normalcy returns just as the proliferation of US-based books has created the greatest sharp vs. square dichotomy since the late 80s/early 90s. Get the picks now 

NBA free pick is…

Orlando-Portland UNDER 220

Many of our systems involve exploiting counterintuitive point spreads or totals. Sundry massive syndicates have similar betting formulas, but a half-point difference in the parameters, not to mention slight variances in sportsbooks current line can be a difference between when their system is triggered and ours is not or vice versa. Hence, sometimes a super system is steamed into at a worse line. 

This is the case here and as such, chasing steam conflicts with power and computer ratings and other metrics, it is not a premium bet, but still strong enough to release as a free one. 

Total based on recent form and current total goes under 1637-1120-74. I bet at GTBets.  

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