Best Teams to Bet On/Against In NCAAB; Free Winning Pick

This one is big. Really big. The TNT Interconference Total of the Year is among two NBA winners. Not only a math total, but a stunning 73 percent angle corroborates it and rarely applies. Get the 2-0 sweep from Joe Duffy. Get the picks now 


Utah-New Orleans OVER 216.5

Utah has been a big under team, going under 9-5 by -4.9 points per game. Though New Orleans has gone over 7-6, the margin is -2.9. Two cumulative under teams tend to go over 775-569-25. We almost made it a premium play. However a math total that had to do with performance over the last 10 games pointed towards the under. But the the two went head-to-head, it went over 11-6, a very good winning percentage but a small enough sample size to keep it below premium bet, but still with a lot of intel behind it. Our number two simulator has this going over 58.1 percent of the time. Another has it going over 57 percent of simulations. 

Best college basketball teams to bet on this season in terms of ATS margin. 

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Drake 11-0+12.5
UC Riverside6-2-1+9.5
Missouri State7-1+8.5

Best teams to bet against based on ats margin

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Boston U0-6-15.4
McNeese State1-6-1-11
Duke 1-8-10.1
Eastern Michigan2-4-9.2
Northern Illinois 2-10-8.6

 Margin of cover is a long-time tool of original cappers used to measure the reliability of the often deceptive ATS and OU records. It is much like margin of victory, except it measures margin relative to the point spread or OU. With over-under, “overs” are listed first. Some Johnny-Come-Lately handicappers call this the sweat barometer. 

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