Updated NBA Championship and NCAA Basketball Championship Odds

With the NCAA men’s basketball oversight committee expected to vote on a proposed start date to the 2020-21 season today, we thought it would be a good time to provide the latest championship odds.

Numbers are provided by SportsBetting.ag, and you can find the list of 50+ teams and their respective odds below.

In other basketball news, with the Western Conference Finals set and one game of the East Finals completed, there are updated NBA title odds.

With the top two seeds from the East and the Clippers gone, unsurprisingly, the Lakers are odds-on favorites.

NBA Championship Odds

Los Angeles Lakers  1-2  (-200)

Miami Heat  9-2  (+450)

Boston Celtics  11-2  (+550)

Denver Nuggets  9-1  (+900)

The Lakers are listed as 6.5-point favorites in Game 1 against Denver.

Finally, one-sided action on Wes Unseld Jr. has forced the sportsbook to take down odds for the Bulls next head coach. Whether the team and Unseld Jr. have reached an agreement is not public knowledge, but perhaps “Vegas knows something.”

Odds are subject to change and your readers can view real-time odds via the links below.

NCAA Championship Odds
Villanova 7-1
Iowa 8-1
Baylor 9-1
Gonzaga 9-1
Kansas 12-1
Kentucky 12-1
Virginia 12-1
Duke 14-1
Illinois 14-1
Michigan State 16-1
West Virginia 16-1
Wisconsin 16-1
Creighton 18-1
Florida State 18-1
North Carolina 18-1
San Diego State 20-1
Tennessee 22-1
Michigan 25-1
Oregon 28-1
Texas Tech 28-1
Florida 30-1
Ohio State 30-1
UCLA 30-1
Louisville 33-1
Seton Hall 33-1
Houston 35-1
Arizona State 40-1
Auburn 40-1
Indiana 40-1
LSU 40-1
Arizona 50-1
Maryland 50-1
Stanford 50-1
Rutgers 60-1
Texas 60-1
USC 60-1
Memphis 75-1
Arkansas 80-1
BYU 80-1
Connecticut 80-1
Dayton 80-1
Miami FL 80-1
Purdue 80-1
Richmond 80-1
Butler 100-1
Colorado 100-1
Marquette 100-1
Minnesota 100-1
Oklahoma 100-1
Penn State 100-1
Syracuse 125-1
Iona 250-1
Ole Miss 250-1

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