Winning Free Sports Pick For August 15 From Most Respected Baseball Capper in History

Your Grandmaster is 7-2 with Wise Guys, thanks in no small part to the greatest system in world history. It applies today to three Wise Guys in MLB. This includes a Juicy Lucy! Previously referred as a Dandy Dog, a Juicy Lucy is either a moneyline underdog or runline favorite in which we get at least +140 juice. We changed the name to reflect it includes runline chalk. Also get four Majors thanks to the top totals system in betting history. In both cases, criterion is based on units won. One is a jaw-dropping 783.78 units, the other +409.29!  Get the picks now


MILWAUKEE (HOUSER -1.5 +135) Cubs (Rea) MyBookie

The Cubs have been very dominant at home at 8-2. However, this creates an anti-splits angle in which history says they will regress to the mean at home. If the Cubs become the favorite, yes this super system holds up on moneyline, but it’s even more dominant on runline at 1487-1002 for +157.79 units and a 4 ROI. As road favorites it’s a whopping 10.8 ROI.

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