Washington Redskins Next Name Revealed! You Can Bet It’s a Lock

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s not a matter of if, but when and to what the Washington Redskins will change their name to. Odds are from SportsBetting and all odds based on $100 per bet. Hence +1000 would be the same as 10-1.

The Presidents seems like a logical favorite. Some media organizations have suggested Warriors, which is illogical considering Marquette changed their name from that because of the alleged negative connotation. Rule out the Jeffersons. Unless we are talking about George and Weezy, protesters have already targeted Thomas Jefferson statues, so that name is all but certain to be ruled out. No chance on Roosevelts either.

The Kings, in honor of Martin Luther King, is the pick at 5-1. The pressure from the NFL will be enormous. Pandering or not, that is the most likely choice and the official bet of OffshoreInsiders.com

Washington NFL Team Next Mascot Name
Presidents +300
Generals +400
Lincolns +400
Americans +500
Kings +500
Memorials +500
Capitols +600
Veterans +600
Jeffersons +700
Roosevelts +700
Monuments +800
Arlingtons +1000

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