Over Under Betting Strategy: Totally Nuts in Sports Betting

Superstar handicapper Joe Duffy is CEO of OffshoreInsiders.com. He explains why betting unders so often is the sharpest of sharp bets. Duffy has spectacular betting systems that pro gamblers use and destroy the bookies. Duffy’s daily wagers are the strongest in gambling. Here are some show notes;

• Twice lost unders in OT that ended regulation more than 30 points under the total
• Totals excruciating to bet
o MLB late innings
o Bomb and foul, especially NBA
o Overtimes, especially CFB
• Phycological juice
o Never make a bet based on which is “easier” to root for
• Even out?
• Highest percentage of unders in college football 
• Oddsmakers have to adjust to public
• No pain, no gain

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