Sportsbooks Say Trump Impeachment More Likely Than Ever: Bet on It

Though offshore sportsbooks agree that Trump is likely to avoid impeachment before the end of his first turn, it is no longer a longshot.

Bovada has yes he will be impeached in his first term as +120 and no as -150. To betting neophytes, that says he will likely not be impeached in his initial term, but if he is, it would not be a shocker.

MYBookie gives Trump a much better chance, though the cutoff date is “before the 2020 elections” as there is about two months between the next election and the end of Trump’s first term. Some political observers believe if Trump wins, that will energize the Democrats more for impeachment. No, he will not be impeached before the 2020 elections is -500, yes +300. All odds based on $100 per bet. Hence +1000 would be the same as 10-1.

At all sportsbooks, Trump is still the favorite to win the 2020 election, including -155 at Bet Now

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