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Joe Duffy’s Picks is rocking! The Red Sox winning 19-3 was our fourth straight Wise Guy winner and makes us 8-1 overall. Four MLB winners, a side and three totals are up. Oh baby with preseason NFL just around the corner, things are about to get even more exciting.  Get the picks now


  • Mike Soroka 10-2 2.46, .285 OBP against
    • Last 3: 4.08, .372
    • Stunning 6-0 road, 1.12 ERA, .237
    • Compare to 4.08 and .337
  • Phillies Jake Arrieta 5.33 ERA last five starts though just 2 ER last 10.2
  • Arrieta .360 OBP against at night compared to 3.96 day, though home road fairly close, though home ERA a bit better
  • Braves 2-6 last 8, with .382 slugging percentage last 7
  • Phillies won 5-of-6
  • Braves 149-141 road since April 15, 2016 +54.6 units and 17.6 ROI
  • Phillies 113-213 underdog since May 4 2016 for -54 units and -16.5 ROI

San Francisco-San Diego

  • Jeff Samardzija 2.73 ERA last four with .911 WHIP
    • Home/road and day/night numbers very close
  • Pads Joey Lucchesi among most pronounced splits in MLB
    • 2.83 ERA home, .260 OBP against, 1.04 WHIP
    • Compare to road where 6.48, .326 and 1.41
    • Night numbers also much better than day
      • .255 OBP night, compared to .344 day
  • Giants 10-1 last 11 despite hitting .224 last 7
  • Giants 30-17 last 47 for +21.12 units and 42.9 ROI
    • 24-14 road, 20-10 underdogs +17.27 units and 57.5 ROI
  • San Diego 53-78 at home since Sept 24, 2017 -29.15 units
    • 26-34 favorite -18.15 -22.6 units since Jun 19 of last year

New York Yankees-Boston

  • Just 8th time in history a team is road favorites off same-series loss of 15 or more
    • 6-1 in history of our database
  • NYY James Paxton consistently mediocre though off home game to Colorado
    • 3.1 IP 7 runs, 4 earned
    • 4.78 road, .365 OBP against
  • Boston’s Andrew Cashner 10 ER last 11 IP with 1.636 WHIP
    • Home/road splits roughly the same
  • Yankees over 40-14 road since Sept 25 of last year
  • Boston over 77-48-4 since September 19 of last year
  • Though Boston 31-30 at home since September 26 of last year, that’s -18.60 units

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Miami Dolphins Expert Season Preview From Grandmaster Handicapper

The Miami Dolphins are a team encumbered in averageness. However, with a season win total of 4.5 to 5 with varying juice, a mediocre season is all they need to put the season total over at Bovada.  

A Pac-12 QB, drafted high, thrown to the wolves, and was baptized by fire in his rookie season. But enough about Jared Goff. The Miami Dolphins have made one of the significant overlooked QB upgrades in recent time. Good riddance to overrated stiff Ryan Tannehill and give a warm welcome to Josh Rosen, the breakout QB of 2019.

Conflicting rooting concerns are a nonstarter for me, so I abandoned fantasy sports decades ago. However, Rosen would be elevated on any intelligent projection of later round heists. The Arizona Cardinals castoff has a decent group of wideouts to heave to led by speedy Kenny Stills, a robust deep threat, plus Devante Parker. Yes, the latter is an underachiever. But with the foreseen enhancement at QB, this could be the season his production finally matches his ability. Albert Wilson is a solid talent bouncing back from injury.

I concur with the mania of electing coaches with offensive-oriented minds as the head man. But, my unapparelled achievements as a handicapper is in no small part to the fact I zig while everyone is zagging. Thus, I believe the counterintuitive procedure of hiring defensive coach Brian Flores to man the sidelines could shell out massive dividends.

Either way, the fact that former head coach’s Adam Gase’s falsely perceived genius was because Jay Cutler was less pitiful under his tutelage makes me to have faith change for the sake of change will at least bear fruit short-term. With offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea also coming from New England, the offense will get an abundance of emphasis, the hiring a DC as HC notwithstanding.

But how about that defense? Miami is reliable in the secondary with CB Xavien Howard, S Minkhah Fitzpatrick, and S TJ McDonald, who has 75 NFL starts on his resume. Christian Wilkens, a first-rounder DT, will have an immediate impact. Yes, there are holes on defense, especially with the departures of Cameron Wake and Robert Quinn. But with season-win totals ranging from 4.5-5 depending on the juice, they don’t have to be Monsters of the Midway to exceed the season wins total.

Season outlook: With the massive upgrade at QB sneaking under the radar and the short-term boost a new coach gives to a team playing below their potential, look for a .500 season or better.

The author, Joe Duffy is CEO of and widely accepted as the top NFL handicapper in history.

Night Free Picks in MLB Thursday

Yes Joe Duffy had a historic day going 6-0 on the top sports betting website. Though most of the portfolio is day winners, the only Wise Guy is a night bet. Speaking of night winners, check out this free picks with analysis!

It starts out with MLB’s biggest rivalry, the Yankees vs. Red Sox.

But that is far from the only night winner. Out on the west coast, we have the Tigers vs. Mariners.

Now the Royals vs. Indians gambling bets.

TGO is loaded for Thursday night. Stevie Vincent is off a 2-0 sweep. Thursday, pro baseball OU. Get the picks now

3 Free CFL Winning Picks To Bet Now

It is a big day for free picks with three CFL winners for Thursday. These are all premium level bets from Joe Duffy of



TORONTO +11 Edmonton at Bovada

More rested team under specific circumstances that apply today is 83-46-3.

OTTAWA +6 Calgary at GTBets

Going with struggling home teams under specific circumstances that apply today is 71-37-3 for 65.7 percent.

Toronto-Edmonton UNDER 52.5 at MYBookie

High totals go under at 349-255-8 rate.