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We go 2-0 yesterday plus a push. One run in eight innings, eight in ninth makes Phillies UNDER a push. Two more winning baseball for Friday night. Our sports science labs continue to research and discover. Yes, we did unearth totals metrics that apply cross-sports. That is why our totals have exploded in number of releases and winning percentage.   A close up of text on a black surface Description automatically generated

We have men’s and women’s futures to win Wimbledon! WNBA, CFL NHL, horse racing, World Cup, added rotation games in college football and basketball, all prop bets, etc are considered by too many a niche and many do not bet, all such records are kept separately.   Get the picks now

CFL free premium pick from Joe Duffy


Wise Guy

MONTREAL +13 Hamilton

More rested team under specific circumstances that apply today are 81-44-3. Early season underdog angle is 168-118-4. Road underdogs in losing streaks are 157-109-5. When both the first and third angles apply, it is a stunning 31-12-1.


Hamilton-Montreal UNDER 58

High totals go under under specific circumstances that apply today at 339-251-8 rate.

Free WNBA pick from Joe Duffy’s Picks

PHOENIX -5 Indiana

Team with much worse ATS margin under specific circumstances that apply today are 238-106. This is a “free pick” rather than premium level plays you often get for free here. It is 6-2 this year off a very rare bad season.

7PM ET–Cubs (Hamels) at Reds (Gray)

  • Hamels ERA of 1.00 in his last 5 starts though 4 ER last 14 IP
    • ERA is 3.30 road, comparted to 2.58 home, though other numbers closer
    • OPB is .322 at night, just .270 in days games
  • Gray 6.00 ERA last three starts with .348 OBP, 1.53 WHIP
    • Worse at home 4.26 ERA to 3.79 home but OBP and WHIP slightly better at home
  • Cubs 14-19 since May 23 -8.87 units and -20.7 ROI
  • Reds UNDER 76-40-3 since August 15, 2018

7PM ET–Braves (Soroka) at Mets (deGrom)

  • Both pitchers better on road
  • Soroka has forearm contusion last start and 5.54 ERA last three with .352 OBP, 1.46 WHIP
    • FTY 2.07, .264, .97
    • Much better road 1.05 ERA, .229, .80
    • Also better at night 1.95, .261, .96
  • DeGrom 2.45 ERA last 7 starts
    • deGrom 3.73 ERA at home compared to 2.86 road; .290 OBP compared .269, though WHIP almost same
  • Braves 143-137 road since April 15, 2016 +52.43 units and 17.5 ROI
  • Mets OVER 22-11-3 recently
  • Mets 15-5 at home for 25.3 percent ROI

8:10PM ET–Pirates (Archer) at Brewers (Chacin)

  • Based on pitching numbers, will be ugly
  • Archer horrible 8.42 road ERA (decent 3.89 home), 1.68 WHIP (1.36), .371 OBP (.316)
  • Chacin 18 ER last 17 IP over four starts including 10.50 ERA last three with .429 OBP and 2.17 WHIP
  • Pittsburgh over 34-13-3 since May 1
  • Brewers 3-9 -9.3 units

8:40PM ET–Dodgers (Ryu) at Rockies (Senzatela)

  • Ryu 9-1, 1.27 ETA, .225 OBP against, .84 WHIP
    • Less dominating on road and night
  • Senzatela 6.21 ERA home (3.92 road), though OBP and WHIP comparable
  • LA Dodgers 3-6 recently -6.7 units
  • Colorado 221-189 +33.56 units since April 3, 2017

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