Super Bowl Betting Facts: Rams-Patriots

Looking for a Super Bowl betting story that hasn’t been written? Well, the PR staff for BetDSI has dug up a mountain of information that could help your narrative. 

Below, you will find odds to win next year’s Super Bowl, props on who the Rams and Patriots will play in Week 1 of next season and a wealth of interesting odds information pertaining to this year’s big game.

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Super Bowl LIV Odds 
Los Angeles Rams +750
Kansas City Chiefs +800
New England Patriots +800
New Orleans Saints +1100
Los Angeles Chargers +1550
Pittsburgh Steelers +1600
Chicago Bears +1650
Indianapolis Colts +1650
Minnesota Vikings +1700
Philadelphia Eagles +1900
Green Bay Packers +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2150
Cleveland Browns +2150
Atlanta Falcons +2850
Baltimore Ravens +3300
Houston Texans +3750
Seattle Seahawks +3750
San Francisco 49ers +3750
Jacksonville Jaguars +4500
New York Giants +5500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600
Carolina Panthers +6600
Tennessee Titans +6600
Denver Broncos +9000
New York Jets +9000
Buffalo Bills +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Arizona Cardinals +11000
Detroit Lions +11000
Oakland Raiders +11000
Washington Redskins +16500
Miami Dolphins +30000

Super Bowl 54 Props

Will the New England Patriots play in Super Bowl LIV?
Yes +350
No -500

Will the Los Angeles Rams play in Super Bowl LIV?
Yes +280
No -400

Which team will the Los Angeles Rams play in Week 1 of the 2019 regular season? (must win Super Bowl LIII for action)
Saints +150
Cowboys +250
Bears +400
Seattle +500
Field (Any other team) +1000

Which team will the New England Patriots play in Week 1 of the 2019 regular season? (must win Super Bowl LIII for action)
Chiefs +200
Steelers +300
Cowboys +300
Texans +500
Browns +800
Giants +1000
Field (Any other team) +1500

Super Bowl 53 Odds Facts

This matchup marks the second time in NFL history* the two preseason favorites meet in the Super Bowl. The first time was in 2004 when the Patriots (+600 second favorites) beat the Eagles (+500 favorites).
*Preseason Super Bowl date back to 1977

Preseason Super Bowl Odds:
New England Patriots +600
Los Angeles Rams +1000

Super Bowl Odds going into NFL Playoffs:
Los Angeles +450
New England +600

The Patriots have been preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl each of the last three seasons.

Since 2013, just one team (2016 Patriots) were favored at the start of the season to win the Super Bowl and won.

Only six of the last 38 preseason Super Bowl favorites (or co-favorites) went on to win the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl LIII over/under opened at 57.5 points, which was the highest in Super Bowl history. The current total is 56, which places is third on the list.

Highest Totals in Super Bowl History:
Super Bowl LI – Atlanta vs. New England, 57 (Over)
Super Bowl XLIV – New Orleans vs. Indianapolis, 57 (Under)
Super Bowl LIII – Los Angeles vs. New England, 56 (opened at 57.5)
Super Bowl XLII – New York vs. New England, 55 (Under)
Super Bowl XXIX – San Francisco vs. San Diego, 53.5 (Over)
Super Bowl XIX – San Francisco vs. Miami, 53.5 (Over)
Super Bowl XLVI – New York vs. New England, 53 (Under)
Super Bowl XXXVI – St. Louis vs. New England, 53 (Under)


Jared Goff is the youngest NFC quarterback to reach the Super Bowl. Here’s how 25-and-under QBs have fared both straight up and against the spread in Super Bowl history:

Youngest quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl (SU/ATS):
Dan Marino: 23 years, 127 days (L/L)
Ben Roethlisberger: 23 years, 340 days (W/W)
David Woodley: 24 years, 97 days (L/L)
Jared Goff: 24 years, 112 days (?/?)
Tom Brady: 24 years, 184 days (W/W)


Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl and would be the oldest to win (Peyton Manning).

This week’s matchup will mark the biggest age difference between quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. It is also the second-largest age gap between quarterbacks in NFL playoff history.

Largest age difference in NFL Playoffs:
18 years, 1 month: Tom Brady (41) vs. Patrick Mahomes (23)
17 years, 3 months: Tom Brady (41) vs. Jared Goff (24)
16 years, 2 months: Tom Brady (40) vs. Marcus Mariota (24)
15 years, 9 months: Drew Brees (40) vs. Jared Goff (24)

Brady is 2-0 SU and ATS in these games.


Sean McVay is the youngest head coach in Super Bowl history. However, this isn’t the first time a head coach on one team is younger than the starting quarterback on the other team. Mike Tomlin (36) beat Kurt Warner (38) when the Steelers defeated the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.


Since the Super Bowl in 2002, the Patriots have played against the Rams five times (including the Super Bowl). New England is 5-0 SU and 4-1 ATS in those games.

Patriots vs. Rams History:
2/3/02 (Super Bowl): Patriots 20 – Rams 17 (NE +14)
11/7/04 (at St. Louis): Patriots 40 – Rams 22 (NE +2)
10/26/08 (at New England): Patriots 23 – Rams 16 (STL +9)
10/28/12 (at St. Louis): Patriots 45 – Rams 7 (NE -7)
12/4/16 (at New England): Patriots 26 – Rams 10 (NE -13)


Both Super Bowls played in Atlanta have gone under the closing total:

XXXIV: St. Louis 23 – Tennessee 16 (Push/Under)
XXVIII: Dallas 30 – Buffalo 13 (Favorite/Under)

The last four Super Bowls played in domes have gone over the closing total:

SB LII (PHL/NE in Minneapolis)
SB LI (ATL/NE in Houston)
SB XLIX (SEA/NE in Glendale)
SB XLVII (SF/BAL in New Orleans)


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