Kellyane Conway Authored NY Times Resistance Article: You Can Bet On It…Literally

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence are the most likely leakers in the New York Times bombshell editorial, “I Am Part of the Resistance” according to Bovada sportsbook. All odds based on $100 per bet. Hence +1000 would be the same as 10-1.

Of course, the current “Deep Throat” may not be revealed for decades, but longshot Kellyanne Conway, whose husband is a noted Trump critic, is tempting at +500.

Who will be revealed to have written the “I am part of the resistance” New York Times Op-Ed? 

  • Jeff Sessions+250
  • Mike Pence+350
  • John Kelly+450
  • James Mattis+450
  • Nikki Haley+1000
  • Javanka+2000
  • Dan Coats+500
  • Don McGahn+1500
  • Melania Trump+5000
  • Donald Trump+2500
  • Kellyane Conway+5000

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