Temple vs. Florida International What Bettors Must Know

The Gasparilla Bowl features Temple vs. Florida International. OffshoreInsiders.com has the full betting preview of this contest. FIU is a rare case of a big public consensus on the underdog. Is it justified? Who are the pros betting? Here is the everything gamblers must know. Entire card 3:30 ET or later. All but one winner at 8 ET or later. St. Maryâ??s on Tuesday, Toronto last night, Joe Duffyâ??s Picks sweeps Wise Guys. Overall, we are 5-2 last seven. Get Temple vs. Florida International side and total led by Wise Guy. We have three college basketball winners. The first is mid-afternoon. As you know, we donâ??t give a crap about whether or not a game is televised, but both night winners are on ESPN2. Hint: this winning angle has won us a fortune in multiple sports. Donâ??t be on the outside looking in. Change your life a http://offshoreinsiders.com

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