Free plays NFL Bills-Patriots Vegas Lines

Free picks betting expert Joe Duffy is back on fire and has a free pick for final week of the NFL.

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy says it is all right we are going home. We are right back where we started from with a nice 5-2 football Wise Guy run, sweeping last Sunday led by Oakland +230 as the Money Line Game of the Year. We win for you yesterday led by a sweet 2-1 in the bowls. We are 12-7 in football, but remember that includes a more than 2-1 money line puppy!

This Sunday the Grandmaster has a loaded portfolio with eight winners in all. Six are in the NFL led by a Wise Guy. It is all at

Yes Phil Steele is solid. Wayne Root, Jason Jordan, Jonathan Stone, RJ Bell are well marketed, but Joe Duffy is the best

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