Free Pick Clemson-Oklahoma Bowl Betting

Get a free sports pick on Clemson-Oklahoma in the Russell Athletic Bowl from Joe Duffy of

The greatest is the hottest again and pro gamblers are celebrating as we are 16-9 in football including +230 on Oakland over Buffalo as the NFL Money Line Game of the Year. We go 6-3 overall as we win in basketball as well. But we want to talk about the immediate future, not our 27 years of winning nor our red-hot current streak. All three bowl sides are up for Monday led by a Wise Guy. My goodness, own the big bowls over the next few days and the NFL playoffs coming up.

Simply put, you are either with us or you are subsidizing us. Winning streaks always outnumber and outlast the losing streaks and we are in the early stages of yet another bookmaker destroying winning streak yet again at

Get bowl Tailgate Party podcast previews just like the scorephone days. Here is the one for Texas A&M-West Virginia, Clemson-Oklahoma, Texas-Arkansas from the Grandmaster



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