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Wise Guy

WASHINGTON (ZIMMERMAN -114) Kansas City (Davis)

KC has flopped, losing six straight and 9-of-11. Washington is playing very well on a 10-4 run. Jordan Zimmerman has strong numbers this season ERA and WHIP of 3.37 and 1.110.  Compare that to Wade Davis 5.43 and 1.751.  Zimmerman has a 31-9 night team mark the last two years.

Last five games Washington has a slugging percentage .422 to .299. In their last 10 games .413 to .279.  The Nats are 4-1 in the series.

LA DODGERS (RYU -117) Boston (Lester)

LA is 46-10. Boston is 3-6 the last nine. The home team is 18-9 in Jon Lester starts. Boston has lost 10-of-14 with Lester on the road. The Dodgers are 17-6 last 23 with Ryu including 9-1 at home.  For the season his ERA and WHIP of 2.95 and 1.221 overall, 1.78 and 1.070 home, 1.69 and 0.891 last three starts.


PHILADELPHIA (MARTIN +100) Arizona (Delgado)

Philadelphia 5-1 the last six. Arizona has lost three straight. Obviously the Phillies have played much better under Ryne Sandberg. The Phillies have beaten Randall Delgado both times. Last five games the Phillies have an .043 slugging edge over Arizona.

Diamondbacks are 9-20 in their last 29 road games including 3-7 to teams with a losing record. Phillies are 11-2 at home in the series.

PITTSBURGH (LIRIANO -121) San Francisco (Lincecum)

Pittsburgh is 4-1 the last five. San Francisco has lost 5-of-6. Pirates are 42-18 in their last 60 vs. a team with a losing record.  Giants are 11-24 in their last 35 games following a loss, 7-21 at home. Francisco Liriano has  2.53 ERA and WHIP of 1.182.

Tim Lincecum has given up 11 ER in his last 11 IP. San Francisco is 5-16 the last 23. That includes 1-5 last six. Pittsburgh has beaten Lincecum two straight and 4-of-6. Pirates are 10-1 with Liriano vs. a team with a losing record. Giants are 7-20 with Lincecum following a team loss in their previous game, 5-16 overall.

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