Another 5-0 Sweep From “America’s Greatest” Huge Sale Today

A great start to baseball season was followed by a rare bump in the road. But as clients know, our winning streaks always outnumber and outlast the losing streaks. Yesterday, what did we say? “The best baseball card of the season so far.” That was the promise made. The promise delivered was 5-0, with four Wise Guys.

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Here is what pro gamblers got.


Wise Guy

PHILADELPHIA (PETTIBONE +132) Cincinnati (Bailey)

Talk about some serious splits: the home team is 7-1 in Homer Bailey’s starts. Well, his name is Homer. The Phillies are 4-1 with Jonathan Pettibone +3.4 units, but 3-0 at home +3.2. His home ERA is  2.45 with a sweet WHIP of 0.927.

Homer Bailey has a personal 0-3 record to the Phils. He has a team mark of 1-4 in Philly. The Phillies are 39-19 in the series including 20-7 at home.

ST. LOUIS (GAST -121) Milwaukee (Lohse)

The Redbirds are 26-12 the last 38. Milwaukee is 6-13 the last 19. The Brew Crew hitting .238 on the highway with an OBP of .293. Milwaukee is 2-6 with Kyle Lohse -4.8 units. Their last seven games Milwaukee has an OBP of just .285 to .346 for the Birds.

St. Louis is 13-6 in the series.

TAMPA (MOORE -110) Baltimore (Tillman)

Tampa is 8-0 with Matt Moore. Four of the wins were on the road. His overall ERA is 2.44 with a 1.125 WHIP. The road team is 6-2 in Chris Tillman’s starts. The road team is 6-4 in the series. In five starts to Baltimore, Matt Moore has a 2.05 ERA. Chris Tillman has a 1-4 personal mark to Tampa with an ERA of 5.06.

Tampa is 8-2 the last 10. Baltimore has flopped in four straight.

TEXAS (HOLLAND -117) Detroit (Fister)

In eight starts, Derek Holland has a fantastic 2.93 ERA and 1.066 WHIP. However, it is even more impressive considering five of his eight starts have been on the road. At home his numbers are 1.57 and 0.957.

Texas has played a road heavy schedule as only 18 of their 43 games have been at home.  On the road Detroit has a .254 batting average and a .317 OBP.  At home, Texas is .283 and .353.

Their last 10 games Texas has a slugging percentage of .107 higher than Detroit. The last five games it is .128 higher.


CLEVELAND (MASTERSON -104) Seattle (Hernandez)

This is a sharp versus square, which is when our Vegas, offshore, and outlaw contacts tell us the majority of sharp money is betting one team, the square money the other. We go with the smart money as contrarian betting is used by many professional gamblers.

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