Iona-Manhattan All-Time Bad Beat: I Can Top That in Two Bets (At Least)

The gambling world is abuzz with the “moose of the year” when Manhattan covered against Iona. Top notch gambling site BeyondTheBets has the details.

Is it the worst bad beat of all-time? Hardly. While I have many, perhaps my worst is one where the precise details have faded over the years, but here it goes.

It was circa 1989 in the Colonial Athletic Association. The old Sports Channel America, in the dinosaur days of the Internet, televised their games. I was watching.

I seem to think the game was Navy against perhaps George Mason, but again the details are sketchy. With seconds remaining, I had the (+5.5) underdog and they were winning by one.

The chalk had moved the ball to the frontcourt and called a timeout. The only realistic scenario in which I get screwed is the favorite gets fouled, hits one-of-two and the game goes into overtime.

But the unrealistic happened. They hit the three-pointer to go up by two. The team I was betting one called a timeout. But it was the Chris Webber Syndrome. They had no timeouts left.

It’s a two-shot technical. Favorite hits both to go up by four. But with the technical foul, the underdog losses possession of the ball. Yes, they immediately foul the inbounds. As Paul Harvey would say, “and now you know the rest of the story.”

Yes, up by 6.5 against the spread, I saw seven points scored in seconds. I still have not recovered from the pain. Yes at we have had some tough ones.

San Diego and the Yankees were playing. I had my Interleague Total of the Year and bet my max on the UNDER. It was 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth. The total was I think 9.5. Rod Beck gives up a two-out solo homer.

Paul Harvey again. It eventually soars over the total in extra innings.

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