The Worm Has Turned! GodsTips Bizarre NFL Slump Over

Finally, a break in the NFL as Detroit gets a backdoor to Chicago. Rest assured at GodsTips, we never have nor ever will make one pick based on superstition. But after an unprecedented season of heartbreak in the NFL-wrong side of outlandish Seattle-Green Bay ending, wrong side of declined safety, the historic Monday meltdown of San Diego to Denver…the list goes on, we not only will take the win, but history says we should embrace it.

Though the winning streaks always have outnumbered the losing streaks, since our scorephone days of the 1980s, I’ve had my share of slumps. Much like that broken bat single was turned the worm for many a slumping Major Leaguer, it is uncanny how a backdoor cover time and time again has buoyed our comebacks. To the point that I actually wanted a late cover rather than a blowout, so I can see the familiar sign that the karma has changed.

Forget about all the money you’ve made with our college football picks. You pay us to win in the NFL as well. The good news is we have all the time in the world to win it back and a quarter century of winning says we certainly have the ability.

Enjoy a spectacular rest of the NFL season at anchor Joe Duffy’s GodsTips. We will continue the winning college gridiron picks as well.


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