Service Plays: Bobby Ventura, Bobby Esposito, Al DeMarco, Brandon Lange, Who to Bet On?

Bobby Ventura, Bobby Esposito, Al DeMarco, Brandon Lange and others are all over the radio and TV saying they have the big picks, picking up the infomercial void created by the Proline TV show with Jim Feist and company going under.

It’s Alabama-Florida, Texas-Nebraska, Georgia Tech-Clemson, West Virginia-Rutgers odds that are topping the college football spread rundown.

Extra special: costs less than the Bet it Trinity Monthly (which is a bargain) and last longer! By several requests get every play in every sport today through Jan. 7, 2010 the BCS National Championship Game for just $1199. It’s possibly the best deal in sports betting history. It’s every play of GodsTips, MasterLockLine, and Stevie Vincent.

The posting boards are asking for Dr. Bob, Phil Steele, Doc’s Enterprises, or Nationwide Goldsheet.

But who is the best at beating the NCAA football spread? Here is the objective rundown of who is hot and who has the big plays.

It does not get bigger than the LateInfo. The LateInfo Line is now another part of OffshoreInsiders. Formally part of the FreeScoreboard scorephone days, since 2001 LateInfo is 70-80 percent in each and every sport, broken down college and pro separately.

“Big Red” is a major figure and pioneer in offshore betting. He has unique access to professional oddsmakers and gamblers. All his bets are based on consulting with elite handicappers, pro bettors and linesmakers. These are linesmakers who spend 50-70 hours a week making the lines and elite sports handicappers with years of experience beating those betting odds. He has one that rises to the level of a Special Release on a big upset for a game that starts at 3:00 EST or later in college football. Click now to purchase to purchase LateInfo.

Hotter than Melodee Hanes photo, Kim Sears pics, or the Florida vs. Alabama 2009 game time are the picks from the greatest sports handicapper of all-time Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy and GodsTips.

It was a 5-0 sweep Friday including Ohio and the under in football. It’s a recent 18-10 football run as Oregon State cashed the ticket Thursday.

Simply put, we are putting in as much if not more hours than we always have so we win more than anyone else. That’s what we’ve done since the scorephone days of a quarter century ago and will do for many years to come.

Which team has one of the most deceptive straight up records in America? It’s certainly not reflected on Saturday’s offline. Which underdog is a stunning 27-7 straight up against quarterbacks paying against their complicated defensive schemes for the first time? Hint, it’s a defense that has played their best when all 11 starters are healthy as they are today. Just added at 9:58 EST are eight basketball in addition to the six in college football betting. Duffy is CEO of

He is literally 20-26 years ahead of the sportsbooks, the Great One is Stevie Vincent. Forget about all the money you won as Stevie’s 2009 is one of the greatest gambling years on record. You spent that money already. Get seven winners Saturday including Perfect Plays in two sports. It’s the first time this has ever happened. A Perfect Play means an angle that is a 100 percent angle with a minimum of 12 games. However, not all 12-0 or better stats automatically qualify as a Perfect Play depending on counter information and the time period the perfect stat applies. NOTE THIS IS A NEW definition upon review.

He has angles in other games that are 57-18, 10-0, 11-0, and 13-1. Each angle is a different game.

Now to Matt Rivers and his picks. In the days before the Internet, any and all handicappers worth their weight in winnings were on scorephones. There was a burden of proof to appear before the World Wide Web allowed anyone with a computer to present herself as a betting expert.

Simply put, every tout, tip sheet, and sports handicapper applied, but only the best of the best made the cut—less than one-percent of all sports services. pulled out all the stops to assure the top two scorephone handicappers ever, based on money won, would be part of The Show for sports handicapping. Joe Duffy, America’s only living Grandmaster Handicapper and Matt Rivers are true handicapping legends and their personal bets are exclusively on

The top ranked, rated and winning handicapper on a large network of websites, Matt Rivers has a huge Saturday ledger. It’s starts at noon EST with the biggest best bet, 200K on West Virginia-Rutgers. Also get 100,000* Georgia Tech-Clemson, 50,000* Texas-Nebraska, 50,000* North Carolina-Kentucky.

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