Odds Posted On NFL Lockout Possibilities

Posts Odds on Outcome of NFL Owner’s Opt-Out

NEW YORK May 6, 2008 –   The NFL officially notified its players
union on Tuesday that it will opt out of the current collective bargaining
agreement, which could lead to a season without a salary cap in 2010 and a
possible lockout in 2011.

With fans on edge, wondering about the state of their beloved league and what
the possible consequences of Tuesday’s decision might be, the largest most
successful sportsbook on the web, BetUs has
once again beaten everyone to the punch and come to their aid with odds and predictions
of possible outcomes.

”With all of the traffic we’ve had since the announcement on Tuesday, one thing
is very, very clear,” stated BetUs Sportsbook spokesman
Reed Richards.  “Fans are sick and tired of being put through the
ringer.  It’s simply not fair to ask them to wait with bated breath for
three seasons wondering if there’ll be a lockout at the start of each.  As
such, we’re putting all of our predictive and
analytical prowess on the line in order to give them some semblance of what
might happen.”

Oddsmakers at BetUs
posted the following odds in reaction to the NFL owner’s announcement on

NFLPA Strike before start of 2011 season
Yes 6/1
NFL ‘09’10’11 seasons delayed (odds on each)
2009 NFL Season Delayed
Yes 15/1
2010 NFL Season Delayed
Yes 10/1
2011 NFL Season Delayed
Yes 4/1
Roger Goodell Resigns Before 2011 Season
Yes 6/1
Roger Goodell Fired before 2011 season
Yes 3/1
NFLPA Locked out by 2011 season
Yes 2/1
Odds on cancellation of ‘09, ‘10, ‘11 Super Bowl
2009 Super Bowl Canceled
Yes 50/1
2010 Super Bowl Canceled
Yes  35/1
2011 Super Bowl Canceled
Yes 10/1

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