Latest Odds For Dancing With the Stars

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What a week sportsbooks
have in store insofar as betting television events. As she was from the
beginning, Krist Yamaguchi is the overwhelming
favorite to win “Dancing
With the Stars
”. The Las Vegas
odds have her as an overwhelming 1/4 favorite.

Like Dancing with the Stars, the original favorite to win
American Idol is alive as the final show gets ready to air. However the
American Idol betting odds now have David Archuleta as the +145 underdog. The
other David, David Cook is the favorite to be the Goliath at -190.

In other sports
news, Big Brown has already been posted as a -275 to win the Belmont Stakes
and take home the Triple Crown.

Hillary Clinton insists to not yet count her out of the
race for US
. She is a 10/1 long shot, while Barack Obama is 5/7 and John
McCain is 5/4. Libertarian candidate Bob Barr may take away just enough votes
to ensure Obama wins.

Tout Wayne Allyn Root though is
also a finalist for the Libertarian nominee. Intrade
gives Obama a prohibitive 57 percent chance of winning the White House,
compared to just 38.9 for McCain and a mere four-percent for Clinton.

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