Sports Radio Update

Safe to say we are the sports talk radio jinx. Back in
September, we wrote an article
“touting” (so to speak) the best sports talk shows from the standpoint of the
sports bettor. Two of the best, Joe Benigo of WFAN in New York
and Rick Ballou of 1010 XL in Jacksonville,
were taken off solo gigs and partnered with co-hosts. The two purists were
likely watered down in the name of “guy radio,” a bigger ratings winner that adulterates
sports discussion with shtick.

Benigo now shares airtime with
Evan Roberts while Ballou is diluted by former
Jacksonville Jaguar Tom McManus.

In one of the great twists of irony, WPEN
in Philadelphia is now part of the
ESPN Radio Network. In the process, they are putting behind the mic one of the loudmouths they railed against. Then known
as SR950, WPEN often ran commercials taking potshots
at their rival 610 WIP.

“You’re a moron, you’re an idiot and if you listen to
that, you probably are,” correctly bragged an oft-run commercial on WPEN. Problem is the slam is a not-so-subtle reference to
former WIP personality Mike Missanelli, as well as Missanelli’s
separated-at-birth mudslinging monger Steve Martorano
and sports talk Dean Howard Eskin.

Unfortunately sports talk purist Jody McDonald gets
demoted to mid-mornings to make room for the ad hominem merchant Missanelli.

Guy radio is fine, but that’s why we have Phil Hendrie, Dennis Miller and others as viable alternatives.
Sadly though, that format continues to debase sports radio.

The anti-smear ads on Sports Radio 950 have been replaced
with promos about Missanelli returning to drive time. The irony is duly noted.

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