Bet on Dancing With the Stars

Tonight I’m watching my winning
on the MNF game between the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans.
For years, Monday Night Football was on ABC, but now it’s on ESPN.

My wife will be watching the over-the-air Disney Channel
ABC. “Dancing with the Stars” is on tonight. Boring, unless one can wager on it. Luckily one can!

Thanks to the top sportsbook you can do more
than just bet on sports.

Who will be the Dancing with the Stars winner? The top sportsbook betting odds say Melanie Brown is the favorite
at 4-1 followed by Helio Castroneves at 5-1. More
concerned about winning NFL bets, I must confess that I have no idea who Helio Castroneves is, but with a name like Helio, he has to be able to

The person who will get American sports bettors and sports
punters interested is Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. I picture him as being
Al Gore’s twin on the dance floor. Cuban is 21-2. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 9-2 to knockout the competition,
while Josie Maran is 6-1.

I suppose Las
bettors would prefer
Wayne Newtown at 19-2, though one can’t bet in Las
on events that are voted
on. So even Vegas sports bettors will have to invent with top sportsbook


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