Sports Handicapper Changes Sports Betting Landscape

This time last year, sports handicapper Dr. Bob Stohl was
the preferred betting syndicate advisor in reference to college football picks
and NFL picks. Unfortunately, Doctor Bob had a mediocre year at best for those
who wager on football.

Simultaneously, Stevie Vincent a veteran football
handicapping expert was turning the sports betting industry, both Vegas
sportsbooks and online sportsbooks, upside down with his revolutionary forensic

Vincent’s meteoric rise, among high rollers betting on
sports, was not overnight. Ironically Vincent was successful at handicapping
sports but hesitant to gamble for personal reasons. He did admit a “family
member” had a major gambling problem but “not sports betting” so he was
resistant to bet.

He was Executive Editor of the famed scorephone Tailgate
Party, which in the pre-internet days was the choice for real-time sports
betting information and free football gambling picks.

MVP Sportsbook had a program for would-be sports
handicappers. Their model was to build
and market a site for anyone who wanted to open a sports service. In return, parent company, the VO-Group would
have exclusive rights to advertise their sportsbook and online casinos on such

Vincent reluctantly started his career as a professional
sports handicapper via MVP Sportsbook, which was under the direction of online
sportsbook pioneer Dalton Wagner.

Joe Duffy, now CEO of,
took advantage of their marketing relationship with VO-Group when he
was General Manager of

“We used their program as sort of an American Idol for sports
handicappers.” MVP had about 300 handicappers in their program. According to
Duffy, “About 98 percent of them were William Hung,” a reference to American
Idol’s most infamous contestant. Continuing with his American Idol metaphor,
“There was really only one Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.”

While other handicappers made sales, Vincent was the only
tipster who got clients to continue to renew on a consistent basis. “The
quality of his reports, both in winning and insight was truly second to none”
Duffy asserts.

“We added three handicappers from the MVP program, but
Vincent was the crown jewel,” said Duffy.

Despite the presence of elite handicappers and sports
services the Animal, Leo Shafto, GodsPicks (now
GodsTips), and the SuperLockLine, Vincent found a niche and had a renewal rate
most touts only fantasize about.

Then an even bigger breakthrough happened. University
of PA
forensic economist Justin
Wolfers wrote a research paper in which he claimed showed overwhelming
statistical evidence of point shaving in college athletics.

Vincent used some of the basic ideas in the paper to fine
tune his own handicapping techniques and developed the ground-breaking science
of forensic handicapping. “It was a natural progression to what I was already
doing,” says Vincent modestly.

Vincent, whose plays are released on
has become the “unmitigated frontline source of sports bets for the world’s
biggest betting syndicates” according to wagering expert Cy McCormick.

Vincent claims several online sportsbooks have offered him
significant sums of money to give them the plays before he releases to his
clients. He declined. “They will have to
purchase my plays and will have equal access as everyone else.”

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