Wednesday News and Notes

Wednesday, May 31,


The NL Pitcher’s Report Card Game of the Month comes in
Tuesday. America’s
greatest sports service the Dream Team at has a day winner and two night MLB, plus we have the NBA. We have two Dandy Dogs.
Dandy dogs are dogs of 140 or more in MLB.

The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at 
Alternate forms of payment are available.
Godspicks is proud to be part of the Handicapper’s Sampler
rundown of which sports services are hot and who has the big play at  


under 8-3 with Hernandez

under 7-2 with Francis

Webb 8-0 personal record for the year

White Sox over 7-2 with Garcia, 8-2 in his

Lidle 5-0 personal
record to Washington

Suppan 3-9 team record
to Houston

Schmidt 7-0 personal record to Florida

Mussina 11-4 personal record to Det


Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances.  Team
record is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the

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