Tuesday News and Notes

Monday, May 30, 2006

Our NL
Pitcher’s Report Card Game of the Month
is among two Wise Guy plays in MLB, plus we have four
Majors and we have an NBA Major play.
In location comparison (home pitcher’s home stats, road pitcher’s road
stats) one pitcher has twice the WHIP and an ERA of six runs worse.  It is not reflected in the odds and both
hurlers have plenty of games under their belt.

We have a super
system with an ROI of 98.5.  There is
another case in which the head-to-head of both pitchers versus team and team
versus team favors the dog big time. 
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Cook personal 6-2 record to Reds

Lopez 8-4 personal record to Tampa

Meche 3-6 team record
to Texas

The Cubs score only 3.63 runs per game

KC scores 3.74 runs per game

has lost 7-of-10 with Santos

is 1-6 with Sosa going over 5-2

San Diego has gone over 7-3 with Young

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