Tuesday Godspicks

Tuesday, April 04,

our first two MLB Wise Guy plays of the year (both night), plus two NBA Wise
Guy plays.  That’s in addition to five
MLB and NBA Major plays
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The single greatest sports service in world history Godspicks
closes out another great, great season in college hoops the same way we did
last year—the same way we closed out college football and that was with a sweep
on the championship game.  Florida
and the over comes in but the big story is our
baseball.  We have only two days left on
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Sacramento-Dallas UNDER 193’

Sacramento has
turned it up defensively since getting Ron Artest.  Dallas
is turning it up defensively as the postseason approaches. They’ve made it no
secret tying up the “loose ends” on defense is their top priority.

In last month’s meeting at Sacramento,
Dallas stud Dirk Nowitzki had 24
points but needed 25 shots to reach that total. That’s the sort of output the
Kings can live with from the MVP candidate.

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