Wednesday Godspicks

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yes we did go 2-1 in the NIT again last night led by Wise
Guy South Carolina and we sure
hate to see college hoops with only a few games left.  But remember baseball, the sport thanks to
underdogs you can hit higher than 100 percent has us licking our chops. But
tons of money are to be made between now and first

Like we said anyone and everyone who cares about long term
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before beginning the rest of your gambling life with us, we are 28-14 our last 42 Wise Guy plays
and have THREE in the NBA tonight including our NBA Side and Total Twosome of
the Month.

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TORONTO +7 Miami

This is a top dichotomous ATS and SU game.  We discount 98 percent of trends, but this
has proven to be the exception to the rule. Explained in our articles around
the Net, basically if a team has a great SU record but horrid ATS record or
visa versa, you ride for that to continue as it is the sign of which teams are
most under or overvalued.

Even though Miami
is 17-3 their last 20 SU, they are 4-12 their last 16.  It’s tough to get a good price on Miami.  Yes we know Toronto
will be without Chris Bosh which is a big reason this does not rise to the
level of premium play.  That is yet
another reason for Miami to sleep
walk as with 12 games remaining and a big lead on second-place Washington,
Miami may only have to win two more
games to clinch the division.

After a nightmare start, Toronto
has been competitive over the last few months. 
It’s just too many points at home against a team looking ahead to the

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