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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Last night we improved to 27-12 our last 39 Wise Guy plays
when underdog New Jersey won
outright by 38 points. We have Wise Guy plays on both NIT sides and we have an
NIT Total. We also have an NBA Wise Guy and four NBA Majors.  That’s eight gifts for Tuesday in all
including us going to 30-12 with Wise Guy plays. 

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PHOENIX -6’ Milwaukee

True the system is even stronger if the loss was as a road
dog, but it still applies as a road favorite.

A five point or more road favorite of a SU loss as on the
road is more than a 60 percent play since 1983. For a team to be more than a
five-point road favorite, you are almost always talking about a superior team
against a greatly inferior. 

Also even though Phoenix
was a favorite to NJ, the principle behind the system still applies, so we will
look outside the box.

For that superior team to have been a dog the previous
game, they likely were playing another top-notch team.  So it says that a superior team loses to
another superior team and takes out their frustrations on the inferior team. Even
though Phoenix was the chalk at NJ,
as we said the premise still applies.

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