Massive Line Swing With Mahomes Injury; DeShaun Watson Trade Odds Updated

Deshaun Watson has dominated NFL headlines this week as he continues to hint that he wants out of Houston.

If he is traded this offseason, the speculations on where he could land in a blockbuster deal are endless. 

SportsBetting has updated its Watson trade odds list to include every NFL team except the Texans. 

Opening odds below and you can find current odds here:  

Deshaun Watson next team
New York Jets 2/1
Miami Dolphins 3/1
Chicago Bears 4/1
Denver Broncos 5/1
Indianapolis Colts 8/1
New England Patriots 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles 10/1
Carolina Panthers 12/1
Washington Football Team 12/1
Detroit Lions 12/1
Las Vegas Raiders 12/1
New Orleans Saints 15/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 15/1
San Francisco 49ers 20/1
Dallas Cowboys 20/1
Los Angeles Rams 30/1
Minnesota Vikings 30/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 30/1
Atlanta Falcons 30/1
New York Giants 30/1
Tennessee Titans 40/1
Cleveland Browns 40/1
Los Angeles Chargers 50/1
Cincinnati Bengals 50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50/1
Arizona Cardinals 70/1
Baltimore Ravens 70/1
Buffalo Bills 100/1
Seattle Seahawks 100/1
Green Bay Packers 200/1
Kansas City Chiefs 300/1

Patrick Mahomes will be in the concussion protocol this week, which will wreak havoc on the AFC Conference Championship and Super Bowl odds. 

Before Mahomes was injured, the early line at SportsBetting had the Chiefs listed as 4-point favorites with an over/under of 56 points. 

If Mahomes is not able to play, the Chiefs wouldn’t be favored. 

Odds with Mahomes:
Bills at Chiefs -4
Over/Under 56

Odds witout Mahomes:
Bills at Chiefs +2
Over/Under 51

The Chiefs have been Super Bowl LV favorites all season, but without Mahomes next week they would see their chances drop below Buffalo’s, and potentially at the bottom of the four-team list following tonight’s game. 

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