Spread For Every NFC East Game 2020

Below you will find spreads for every game NFC North teams will play in 2020. 

The odds are broken down by team, and they come courtesy of SportsBetting

Additionally, the bookie recently posted odds for passing, receiving and rushing statistical leaders. Unsurprisingly, two Saints sit atop the board in two categories.

There are more than 35 names on each leader list, but I’ve only listed the top 10 below. Here are the links to find current odds:

North division spreads: 

Stats leaders: 

Chicago Bears

Bears at Falcons -1

Bears at Panthers +2.5

Bears at Jaguars +6.5

Bears at Rams -3.5

Bears at Titans -3

Bears at Lions PK

Bears at Packers -4.5

Bears at Vikings -4

Lions at Bears -5

Packers at Bears PK

Vikings at Bears PK

Saints at Bears +2.5

Buccaneers at Bears -1

Texans at Bears -3.5

Colts at Bears -1.5

Giants at Bears -6

Detroit Lions

Lions at Cardinals -3

Lions at Falcons -4.5

Lions at Panthers -1

Lions at Jaguars +1

Lions at Titans -6

Lions at Bears -5

Lions at Packers -7

Lions at Vikings -7

Packers at Lions +2

Vikings at Lions +2

Bears at Lions PK

Saints at Lions +5.5

Buccaneers at Lions +2.5

Texans at Lions -1

Colts at Lions +1.5

Redskins at Lions -5.5

Green Bay Packers

Packers at Texans PK

Packers at Colts -1.5

Packers at Saints -5.5

Packers at 49ers -5.5

Packers at Buccaneers -2.5

Packers at Bears PK

Packers at Lions +2

Packers at Vikings -3

Vikings at Packers -3

Lions at Packers -7

Bears at Packers -4.5

Falcons at Packers -6

Panthers at Packers -9.5

Jaguars at Packers -11

Titans at Packers -4

Eagles at Packers -2.5

Minnesota Vikings 

Vikings at Texans PK

Vikings at Colts -2

Vikings at Saints -6

Vikings at Seahawks -3

Vikings at Buccaneers -3

Vikings at Bears PK

Vikings at Lions +2

Vikings at Packers -3

Packers at Vikings -3

Lions at Vikings -7

Bears at Vikings -4

Falcons at Vikings -5.5

Panthers at Vikings -9

Jaguars at Vikings -11

Titans at Vikings -3.5

Cowboys at Vikings -2.5

Most Passing Yards

Drew Brees 5/1

Patrick Mahomes 6/1

Aaron Rodgers 8/1

Matt Ryan 8/1

Tom Brady 8/1

Dak Prescott 10/1

Lamar Jackson 10/1

Jared Goff 12/1

Kyler Murray 12/1

Russell Wilson 16/1

Most Receiving Yards

Michael Thomas 6/1

Julio Jones 8/1

DeAndre Hopkins 9/1

Chris Godwin 10/1

Mike Evans 10/1

Odell Beckham Jr. 12/1

Tyreek Hill 12/1

Davante Adams 14/1

Adam Thielen 16/1

Amari Cooper 16/1

DeVante Parker 16/1

DK Metcalf 16/1

Most Rushing Yards

Derrick Hendry 6/1

Christian McCaffrey 7/1

Nick Chubb 8/1

Dalvin Cook 10/1

Ezekiel Elliott 10/1

Saquon Barkley 14/1

Chris Carson 16/1

Joe Mixon 16/1

Josh Jacobs 16/1

Leonard Fournette 16/1

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