Definitive Book on Sports Betting Released

In what is the most important book written on sports handicapping theory, a brand new sports betting eBook has been published, “Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips,” available on Amazon or directly through the author’s website home page

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of shares the sports handicapping secrets, betting tips, while debunking sports betting myths that he has learned from more than a quarter of a century as a professional sports handicapper.

This eBook, “Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips,” is in many respects a compilation of articles written over the last two centuries. Many originally appeared in high volume print and web publications.

The author has been a full-time handicapper since the 1980s scorephone days. Find out what the most overrated stats are in sports handicapping. Why those who claim “just pick the team that wins outright and you will pick the team that covers” and “if you like the over, bet the favorite; if you like the under, bet the underdog,” are among the biggest square player urban legends.

Duffy also explains how won-loss straight up record is extremely overrated. He shares his insight on what pro bettors exploit as key indicators for the betting spread outcome.

What mistake do most gamblers make in college bowl games, conference tournament NCAA contests, and the NCAA Tournament? What are the secrets to betting preseason football? This book is the Snopes for sports bettors.

What are some of the indisputable Golden Rules of Gambling? How can bettors literally use the oddsmakers knowledge against them?

How important are power ratings and where does one get the best ones? What are specific differences in betting small college and powerhouse conference games?

This is a must-read for all those who bet on sports. Duffy’s book is available directly on the home page of and on Amazon.

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