NLCS and ALCS Game 2 Odds; Monday Night Football Point Spread Bears-Lions

What a big day in sports betting. It’s ALCS Game 2 odds between Rangers and Tigers; Game 2 NLCS odds Cardinals vs. Brewers and ESPN Monday Night Football Bears vs. Lions picks.

Here are the odds and Top expert pick on each game:

For the MLB playoffs:

St Louis Cardinals

E. Jackson

+1.5 -173 +126 Over 8.5 -113
05:05 PM Milwaukee Brewers

S. Marcum

-1.5 +159 -134 Under 8.5 +102
Detroit Tigers

M. Scherzer

+1.5 -151 +136 Over 9 -109
01:19 PM Texas Rangers

D. Holland

-1.5 +139 -145 Under 9 -101

Biggest bets in baseball today include:

The Key Play of the Day. This is what happens when so much substantiation and corroboration goes into one play. Computer angles, power ratings, game simulators, sharp services agreeing with auto-fade touts, super systems and angles—it all goes into picking the Key Play of the Day. The Steelers Sunday made it 26-10 since becoming an exclusive part of LSU Saturday was also easy.

Occupy Vegas Strip continues today! Now all the checks and balances point towards the strongest bet on the board being on the Detroit at Texas Game 2 total Click now to purchase

Also on the MasterLockLine Bo Eason is the No. 6 ranked handicapper all sports combined since 1990.  His 10*s have turned a profit in every sport (college and pro counted separately) literally every year since 1990. He’s in the Top 10 in baseball again this season. NLCS 10* Parlay of the Year on the side and total of Cardinals/Brewers. That’s at

Now to Monday Night Football:

429 Chicago Bears +6.5 +104 +273 Over 47 -103
05:35 PM 430 Detroit Lions -6.5 -113 -310 Under 47 -107

Top betting expert pick: The Canadian Crew has big NFL and MLB cards.  On Sept. 19 the New York Giants won as the Monday Night Football Best Bet of the Year. On Sept. 26 Washington was easy as the Monday Night Football Best Bet of the Year, Part 2. That makes the Crew 21-7 with all NFL picks going back to NFLX and keep in mind for next August that the Crew has had the best three years back-to-back-to-back ever recorded in preseason. But the big story is Part 3 goes tonight, another named play winner.

Also both baseball sides are up for Monday. We can tell you that the Crew informs us that at least one underdog wins. Click now to purchase

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